Payroll services

Labor Law Support

Particularly for starters with personnel, but also for existing employers, CPC can provide services by supporting and advising the client in labor...

Company registration at local authorities

Every employer must be registered with various institutions, including the tax authorities, SVB/SZV and the Directorate of Labor.

Filing Annual Payroll Documents

Annually, every employer must file annual documents and digital files with various authorities before a certain date.

Escrow Bank Account Services

For a small fee, CPC can take over employer duties from you through our foundation Stichting Derdengelden CPC, including the payment of net wages to your employees and the monthly...

Expatriate Salary Processing & Consultancy

CPC is an expert in the area of expatriate salary processing. CPC knows the different legislations on the islands and will process your expat...

Basic & Advanced Payroll Course

Every year, CPC organizes a basic and advanced payroll course in Curaçao and St. Maarten.

Additional Payroll-Related Consultancy

Payroll administration involves much more than just producing periodic pay slips. Among other things, it also involves preparing pro forma...

Labor Law Workshop

Labor law is closely connected to your payroll administration. Good agreements start by laying down clear (financial) agreements in a contract.

Preparing & Filing Objections to Assessments

Employers and businesses are regularly faced with assessments from the tax authorities and social security institutions.

Assistance during Tax Audits (BAB) & SVB/SZV Audits

As an employer, you may be faced with regular audits of your payroll by these authorities. CPC can assist you in this process from start to finish.

Periodic Payroll Processing

Based on the transactional data you provide as an employer, we process your periodic payrolls.
As part of the processing of your payroll, you will...

Fixed-Fee "All-in Objections"

Unfortunately, we cannot help noticing that most assessments are received wrongfully. Nevertheless, costly objections need to be prepared and filed...

Preparing & Filing Periodic Declarations

Every employer must file turnover and wage tax returns as well as an SVB/SZV declaration every month.

Application for Lost Wages Compensation (Loonderving)

CPC can periodically (at the end of each quarter) file the application for lost wages compensation...

Our Clients

Our Clients