Basic Course in Payroll Administration

The basic payroll course is meant for both persons not having any payroll knowledge and persons wishing to refresh their basic knowledge of (wage) tax, wage calculations, general rules and regulations in case of disability and social securities. 

The basic course in payroll administration is designed towards practical application and has an emphasis on all payroll activities that have to be performed. The basic course includes all topics which an employee working in the payroll department should be familiar with.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to make a calculation of gross to net salary. He will also be able to advise when a problem might occur. He will know the fiscal benefits for single earners, children and seniors and will be able to use the table of tax rates applicable for wage tax and make calculations on the basis thereof. The student will also have knowledge of the amount to add to wages, for instance, for the benefit of the use of a company car, a telephone, free meals, free housing, tips, and can process same in the administration of salaries. Tax free allowances are also discussed. Topics such as building up a good payroll file and gathering of correct information will also be included. Upon completion of the course the student will be able to answer questions most frequently asked by employees about the social security insurances that are obligated. The general rules and procedures, with regard to illness, will be familiar and simple questions about the wage slip can be answered and explained (this concerns the steps to transfer from gross to net wages). Finally, the procedure to properly complete and file the monthly wage tax returns, the employee wage tax summary, the annual company wage tax summary and the article 45 cards are discussed.

This course will be given on April 10-11-12, 2019 on Curaçao. 
Course fee is ANG 1.350*.

*lunches and the course material are included.

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* Curaçao: Please transfer ANG 1.350,00 to MCB account in the name of CPC in Willemstad. St.Maarten: Please transfer USD 790 to Orco Bank account 5303680195 in the name of CPC St. Maarten B.V.

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